Acqua Orsini participates in the Roma Bar Show 2023 by launching the innovative rebranding of the Orsini Soda line

In the historic setting of the Palazzo Dei Congressi in Rome, the Roma Bar Show 2023, one of the most important events throughout the country dedicated to the world of mixology and beverage, will be staged on May 29 and 30. Thousands of brands and industry professionals, as well as ordinary consumers, will take part in this two-day event.

Among the protagonists of RBS 2023 will be Acqua Orsini, a company founded in 2015 by Apulian entrepreneurs that in a short time has become a reference point for beverages made in Italy. At RBS 2023, this very young company, controlled by the SIR Group (an acronym for Sorgenti Italiane Regionali), will present its new Orsini Soda line, which to celebrate an innovative rebranding brings four new soft drinks to the market: Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Club Soda and Pink Grapefruit Soda. These are products with high-quality ingredients, distinguished by authentic flavors, 100% Made in Italy and developed in collaboration with prominent bartenders all to give an exceptional drink experience.

Orsini’s products are made with full respect for sustainability, which starts from the use of renewable energy to power the production line, goes through the use of plant-derived PET (Vegbottle 30% Bio PET , 100% Recyclable) to the screen-printed decoration (no paper label) on the Black and Platinum Returnable Glass Line, which reduce the consumption of water and paper in the production process.

The company is also betting heavily on RBS 2023 for a path of national expansion: its Black and Platinum water lines, dedicated to the Horeca sector, have seen their presence grow in the Lazio and Roman markets in less than a year. On the evening of May 27, two days before the start of RBS 2023, in the beautiful setting of The Barbershop Speakeasy in Rome, Acqua Orsini and Orsini Soda will be the main sponsors of an evening of Mixology. Special Guests two renowned bartenders, Christopher Mcnulty and Patri Lozano Peral, directly from the famous Parisian speakeasy “La Candelaria,” where in addition to tasting the company’s soft drinks, the 2023 edition of the Roma Bar Show will be welcomed.