20th edition of Vinoforum in Rome June 9-20: Acqua Orsini is main partner of the event

Excellence and sustainability are the two characteristics that allowed Acqua Orsini and the Vinoforum event to meet last year and renew the partnership for the June 2023 event as well.

Vinoforum is a high-level food and wine event (second nationwide in the wine industry) held in Rome on June 9-20. This year marks the 20th edition, and key partners include top global players such as Dom Pérignon, Ruinart, La Molisana, Italo, Kinto, Unox, Villa Pamphili and many others. The event involves the entire food and wine industry, from the companies exhibiting high-quality products to the enthusiasts who have the opportunity to discover all the nuances and products of the wine industry. Ten days devoted entirely to business, education and entertainment-these are the principles that allow Vinoforum to be incredibly inclusive and take the event to a level of excellence.

In the last five days of the event, from June 14 to 20, Acqua Orsini will launch the “Drops of Excellence” project starting from the collaboration with Vinoforum there was no more suitable time to start a path dedicated to the world of high-level food & beverage.

There will be five dinners dedicated to the temporary restaurant where it will be possible to enjoy the dishes of renowned chefs and bartenders who will bring Apulian and Roman flavors directly to the table. The aim is to introduce the flavors of Puglia, the place where the brand originates, and at the same time celebrate the Roman tradition where the event takes place. Chefs of the caliber of: Daniele Caldarulo, Ciro Cucciniello, Sandro Vitanostra, Luciano Monosilio, with his brand new project Veleno Cocktail Bar & Pasta, and Danilo D’Attolico. Prominent bartenders, on the other hand, include Luca Fanari of Veleno, Pasquale Viscito and Joy Napolitano of the famous Roman venue The Barber Shop Speakeasy.

“Drops of Excellence,” then, is a real journey that begins with Vinoforum and includes other subsequent stages with the aim of creating a community of emerging and non-emerging chefs who are united by their attention to detail, passion for high quality and eco-friendly approach. The project is inspired by Poggiorsini’s elite mineral water line, Black&Platinum, which combines simplicity, elegance and love for the planet.

This year, it will not only be the elegance of the Black&Platinum line that will emphasize food and wine culture; in fact, the cooking show will also have the opportunity to highlight the Orsini Soda line, which has recently been revamped with new flavors and tastes to give even more emphasis to the mixology sector. After 5 years on the market, Acqua Orsini has expanded and refreshed its line of sodas with 4 new high-quality soft drinks designed for the perfect drink experience.

An explosion of tastes, flavors and innovation awaits you at Tor di Quinto Park in the Ponte Milvio area of Rome.
We look forward to seeing you there!