as a shared commitment


as a shared commitment

Through the measured and controlled use of groundwater,
Acqua ORSINI is committed to conserving the natural
balance of the territory, in full respect of the environment.

Its 4.0 industry model aims at increasingly efficient processes,
with the aim of reducing pollution by creating
sustainable value, involving and raising
consumer awareness.



dedicated projects

Solar Energy

The use of renewable energy narrows CO2 consumption, contributing to the protection of the planet through a more conscious use of resources.


The new PET bottle, composed of up to 30% sugarcane material, replaces non-renewable fossil-derived substances.


The Vegbottle project reduces the weight of all packaging, from PET bottles to accessory packaging materials, reducing the amount of plastic released into the environment.

Screen Printing and FSC

The use of screen-printed labels in the VAR line and FSC certificate in the PET line favors their disposal, also reducing the consumption of water and paper related to their production.

Recycling and reuse

Recycling and reuse make it possible to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy consumption,
better managing the available resources.

Water at Km 0

The distribution of bottled water in the areas close to the production plant allows to minimize the environmental pollution generated by transport.