Orsini Summer: all the appointments with Acqua Orsini under the banner of fun and music

Once again this year Acqua Orsini has chosen to experience summer with colors, music and flavors!

The Orsini Summer 2023 calendar is very busy and includes many events in the Apulian territory where Orsini mineral water will be the official water and refresh the summer evenings.

Here are all the events where Acqua Orsini will be present during the summer period:

– Locus Festival from June 27 to September 1

– Cinzella Festival from June 30 to August 15

– Bari in Jazz 23 from June to August

– Gezziamoci throughout the summer season

– Viva Festival August 3 to 6

– Bitonto Blues Festival from Aug. 31 to Sept. 3

– Panorama Festival August 12 to 16

– Beer and Sound Festival Aug. 1-7

– Polyphonic July 27-30

– Taranta Night on August 26

– And many others…

A calendar full of events in evocative locations and with the extraordinary participation of internationally renowned artists such as Simply Red, Baustelle, Louie Vega, Marco Carola and Fiorella Mannoia. The evenings will alternate between blues, jazz, and DJs bringing the best summer songs to the stage.

Music will take center stage at each event, and attendees will be able to quench their thirst with Apulian-sourced mineral water and also enjoy the new flavors recently added to the Orsini Soda line. A series of sodas with fresh, inviting flavors that encourage experimentation and were inspired by top bartenders and the mixology world.

The Apulian territory not only represents the roots of this mineral water, it is its very life!

Orsini mineral water is always active and present, extracted from the underground resources of this rich and generous area, encapsulating the purity, vitality and sustainability of a region known for its natural beauty. The story of Acqua Orsini tells us a path of dedication to its land and sustainability towards the environment. In every drop you taste the authenticity of a product that celebrates and honors the land from which it originates.

Join Orsini Summer 2023, you are in for a summer full of music, fun and fresh… To the very last drop!