Project devolopemenet manager Bisceglia: “An honor to be able to work alongside an up-and-coming team that is attentive to young talent.”

The red and blue team and the Apulian company share a vision related to eco-sustainability and green policy

Further synergy under the banner of eco-sustainability, a core theme in the current season. On a par with Lecce of the top soccer league and New Basket Brindisi of the men’s basketball league, La Molisana Magnolia Campobasso also joins the Acqua Orsini family, which will be the official supplier of the red-blacks for the season that just began.

COMMUNITY OF IDEAS “Our intent,” explains Antonio Bisceglia, project development manager of the brand – is to accompany emerging realities in a context, such as women’s basketball, that is on the rise. With the main sponsor of the magnolias, La Molisana, we share several values and, first and foremost, environmental sustainability, peculiarities of importance to both of us that, in the end, brought us strongly closer to the universe of #fioridacciaio.”

STRONG MESSAGES In particular, an important message related to healthy lifestyles for the new generation can come from sports, and water is a key medium in this respect. Moreover, as a company from the South, we want to link up with the realities of the area that do so much for the growth and visibility of our areas in the national arena.”

NEW GENERATIONS Great interest, on the part of the company operating in the scenario of the Alta Murgia National Park, there is for those companies actively engaged on the nursery front, the central core of Magnolia’s own operational project.

“Being able to talk to the younger generation,” Bisceglia adds, “is an interesting way to bring up the issue of the ‘well-being’ factor. Training, education and awareness of proper behavior represent a common policy of many companies, primarily ours, which, on sustainability, recyclability and sorting has Defined a clear course of action. In fact, since its founding in 2015, Acqua Orsini has been actively engaged in various environmental projects. Prominent among them is our Vegbottle, a pet bottle that aims to reduce environmental impact by being made of 30 percent plant-based material (sugarcane) and, for the remainder, fossil-based material.

RENEWABLE SOURCES What’s more, then, at a time when ‘expensive energy’ is one of the pivotal topics in the agenda setting of the quotdian dialectic, Magnolia’s latest partner has shown that it knows how to be forward-looking. “In our bottling plant,” Bisceglia says, “we use renewable energy for 70 percent of our needs, thanks to a photovoltaic park supporting the company’s headquarters.

ASPECT Not only attention to the environment, but also great functionality for the sports aspects. “Acqua Orsini,” adds the same project development manager, “is classified as ‘oligomineral’ because of its balanced fixed residue, which, together with the low sodium content and a good dose of bicarbonate, gives the product an appreciable taste to the palate and a health value for sports: in other words, an excellent supplement for rehydrating the body after a prolonged competitive effort, such as may be a training session, physical or technical, or a basketball game.