Acqua Orsini is the official water of the Coppa Italia Serie A1 Final Eight in Campobasso

From Thursday, March 30, at La Molisana Arena, the Final Eight of Techfind Coppa Italia Serie A1 will take place and Acqua Orsini will be the official water of the event.
Italy’s top 8 teams will compete for the first time in Campobasso, and on three consecutive days the round of 16, semifinals and finally the grand final will be played.

The event will kick off with an opening ceremony on Wednesday, March 29 from 7 p.m. featuring Sanam Shirvani, a young Iranian woman who will give an interview to report her first-hand experience regarding the difficult situation affecting women’s civil rights in her home country and the evolution of her career in Italy as a race director.

The social theme, therefore, will be the focus of the event, and Magnolia Campobasso Basket has decided not to stop at the sports aspect alone but, also, to embrace this final by raising awareness and providing support regarding the delicate and much-discussed situation in Iran and Afghanistan.
The entire team stands up for women’s rights: the Italian Cup Final Eight will be played in a uniform bearing the colors of the Iranian flag, and on the sides can be read the words “zan, zendegi and azadi,” which in Persian means “Woman, life and freedom.” Magnolia Basket has chosen to support and endorse the uprising of women in the Asian nation, a deeply topical issue that involves every country and in front of which it is right not to close our eyes.

Roberto Gravina, first citizen of Campobasso, emphasized the deep connection between Magnolia and its territory while also bringing attention to alternative energies while respecting the environment and health. Acqua Orsini supports this project by raising consumer awareness and introducing an Industry 4.0 model with the aim of reducing pollution and achieving increasingly efficient production processes.

In fact, this water, which originates in the Alta Murgia National Park, has since its inception introduced some eco-friendly elements that set it apart, such as screen-printed labels that reduce the use of water and paper associated with production. Acqua Orsini’s commitment to sustainability can also be seen in the Vegbottle line, which is composed of 30 percent material from sugarcane.
Through the use of renewable energy, CO2 consumption is contained, and the entire production chain makes its contribution in safeguarding the Planet.

Magnolia Basket Campobasso is ready to play the Final Eight and together with Acqua Orsini will commit to supporting an important and timely social cause without forgetting the importance of the territory to which we should all pay attention.
From March 30 to April 1 at the Arena, let’s give full support in hopes of receiving the tricolor cockade.

Instagram: From March 29 to April 1, Acqua O. will support Magnolia Campobasso Basket at Arena for Final Eight of Coppa IItalia Serie A1