The new industrial reality

for a more sustainable tomorrow

Sorgenti Italiane Regionali was created to carry out a process of integration and acquisition of the production companies in the beverage sector of the various regions of Italy, aiming to raise the level of quality of products and service, with a view to sustainable growth and protection of the territory.

A crystalline project,

like our water


The Mission of Sorgenti Italiane Regional is to
to expand the range of products and improve 
the distribution, with a sustainable territory
development, capable of enhancing Italian
companies water producers.


The SIR Group wants to position itself
as a valid alternative to the big international groups
operating in the beverage sector, offering
distinctive offer to Italian and Foreign consumer.

Path for the future

Achieving balance between environmental sustainability, quality, food safety and social responsibility is the development key objective of the Group, which aims at business continuity and employment maintenance, supporting territorial product growth.

A local strategy

that goes beyond its borders

The strategic acquisition of Acqua CERELIA by the Group,
Historic water of Emilia-Romagna based in Vergato (BO)
and active on the market since 1902, therefore represents
the first piece of a much larger project, aimed at consolidating
present sources on the national territory, grouping them
into a single company that pursues an increasingly
more aware and greener growth.

SIR Group


Via Fratelli Benassi, 42/1 40038 Cereglio BO



Via Fratelli Benassi, 42/1 40038 Cereglio BO


Contrada Filieri S.P. 39 70020 Poggiorsini BA